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Originally Posted by s3x View Post
Oh, Hank. How I wish you were our goaltender. But that's super nice of him to take that sort of time for the autograph. As you might have read from my earlier post, last night, Giroux and JVR would have grabbed a pencil if it was next to them. Dynasty supplied them with black, silver, and blue sharpies. And the silvers were worthless after signing felt. G was even annoyed that I primed the tip of the paint pen once before I handed it to him... it wasn't completely saturated because I was being forced through the line. That's a lot of money for a signature... it damn well better be the way I want it.

My friend got his home Giroux jersey signed on the numbers and wanted to have it done in black. Not a chance. Before he could even make that request, G was half way done his autograph in blue.

Make sure you are deliberate about requesting a color or handing them the pen you want them to use BEFORE you give them your item to be signed.

Yeah, one time a player used a different color marker than I wanted so ever since then I would hand them the marker first and then my item.

I know you said Giroux realized the auto was screwed up but at what point did he think it would have been a good idea to go over the auto with a blue paint pen. At least sign it in a different spot and then you could remove the crappy one.

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