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02-09-2012, 12:48 PM
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Originally Posted by mtuhuskies View Post
This is my first year at Michigan Tech and I have obviously become a fan of their team. I was raised in the Detroit area so I know the Wings and the NHL very well, but not the Huskies and WCHA.

I was just wondering what others following the NCAA think or know about the Huskies and/or the WCHA.

Some things I know, or have noticed:
1. We are a lot better than we once were - Mel Pearson has turned the team around for sure with more wins this season than the last three combined
2. We step up against top-ranked teams. We are 3-2-2 against top 3 in the nation teams including wins against Denver, Minnesota, and Minnesota-Duluth.
3. Yet, we have a very average record including a loss to St. Lawrence.
4. We are terrible at defense and on the PP.
6. We score a lot of goals
5. Our high caliber competition is going to decline with the realignment.
6. Our goalie depth does not look too good

One thing I want clarified is the reputation we have as a dirty team. Is that how we are perceived? I can't tell, because I heard this over on FSN North, when they televised the UMinn vs. MTU game and Lucia and the MTU assistant coach were a bit fired up. The announcers were claiming we were and always have been dirty, but maybe they were just homers...
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I was in the building for both games of the MTU/MSU series last weekend here in Mankato, and I was very impressed with the Huskies. Especially during Saturday's game down 3-0 early, the way they fought back against a usually stable goalie in Phil Cook was not indicative of past Tech teams, who, when down early, would literally wither away. These guys will be a thorn in the side come playoff time, especially given they have a shot to host a playoff series for the first time in 20 years.

Like Oilers said, these guys don't have the talent that the CC's/Gophers/UMD's of the world have, but they'll give you a hard fought 60 minutes and make the points you do get out of them very well deserved.

The portion I will have to take issue with is the competitiveness of the "new" WCHA. You'll have (for now) nine teams in the conference come 2013. Of those nine, three are either ranked or receiving votes in this week's polls. I don't think that's too bad for a conference that's becoming a mid-major of sorts. And of course, it makes for a more even playing field: No longer do you have to compete against the big guys; you're instead going against institutions of comparable prestige.

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