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[QUOTE=.... Speaking of which, any thoughts on Zones this year?[/QUOTE]

Oh boy, tough.... I've taken a look at the rosters... Rankings partial (first to last):

1. Zone 1 - Decent goal tending (Vinck & Pyne), 4 of top 6 frwds in points in south div (Halbgewachs + a strong Melville showing, big D men (Riddle, tourn all star P.A. showcase). Deep.

2. Zone 8 - Possibly weaker goaltending, with exception of north div leader Amundrud but with a healthy contingent of NE Wolfpack players including tandem Elder and Paziuk can offset that with a conscientious back end. Iron has really come on as of late for NB as well a little deeper perhaps than #3 pick

3. Zone 5 - Decent goal tending (Ingram and Dasiuk both holding their own), strong D (Fiala.... Supporting cast though?), overall leader (Draude), speed up front (Shatz and I believe the fellow from Wynyard Leschyshyn is also speedy. I recall seeing him last year I believe). zone 5 and 8 may be a flip flop actually, close to call. Thoughts? I don't think zone 5 can rely on one player BUT the one player has the ability to turn close games around too.

4. Zone 6 - Decent goal tending (Hamm, bantam challenge all star), steady D (Olson tourn all star P.A. showcase), overall Saskatoon showing competitively so I put them ahead, depth wise then my # 5 pick

5. Zone 7 - Sorry, some unfamiliars in these rosters (from the local levels) but what sticks out is weaker goal tending. However they have the one two punch of Bast and Arnold , Rothenburger is coming on now but I don't see dynamic punch here guys (someone help me out if you see otherwise)

6. Zone 4 - I only see two rosters on SHA site (?). Not enough info, need some help. Yorkton's middle of pack in south div (lot's of Yorkton flavor to the rosters) so familiarity on back end is good (good D = good offense) but without any notables in the top 20 in scoring they lack depth. Mak and Kreklewich looks like they would shoulder the load.

7. Zone 3 - Not enough info, need some help... But a few comments, average D, Lack scoring exception Nagy (P.A. tourn all star)

8. Zone 2 - Guys I just don't see Regina making a decent showing. But to be fair I don't see the Regina situation much. Looks like overall weaker goaltending top team in Regina is the Oilers and Rainville's GAA is nearly 4 (or may just be weaker D overall), smaller D men however Eskra is doing well, lack scoring depth up front and are smaller on average than what the other zones appear to be. Need some help on this one guys.

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