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Originally Posted by barrytrotzsneck View Post
Sometimes, players are taken high for reasons aside from scoring goals. A true shutdown center is as valuable to a good team as a big point-getter, even if you're only getting a 15-20 goal guy.
Right, I understand that. But even in your situation, the guy can chip in around 15 to 20 goals to go along with the other things he brings to the table.

It's like with my example of Zack Kassian. Offensively speaking, he didn't put up the same kind of totals as some of the other guys in his draft class who were drafted for their offense. But he still put up respectable numbers to go along with his physical package. So even if he turns into that 15-20 goal bruiser, and not the 30 goal scorer someone from his draft class becomes, the offense is close enough that his physical game offsets the difference.

With Wilson, we're talking about a guy that hasn't even proven he could be that 15 goal guy to go along with a physical presence. And that's a huge thing. It's the difference between a David Clarkson or a Milan Lucic, and a Jared Boll or a Mike Rupp.

To reiterate, I'm not saying it's an impossibility that Wilson will end up being a good pick. He very well could become the next Milan Lucic. I'm simply saying that I'm always a little worried when I see such low offensive production from a guy at the junior level, even if his game isn't necessarily all about the goals and assists.

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