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02-09-2012, 02:54 PM
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Originally Posted by columbiaNW View Post
Is this a serious question? I ask genuinely, because I don't know if you 'really' follow the Flyers. As an aside, your emotional post is a little unnecessary. But I will explain how Gustafsson is the single most overrated prospect you guys have, while MAB is not...

Coming into this season, MAB was an afterthought in this organization. He was likely going to go the way of Kevin Marshall and get traded for an expiring AHL deal. He was knocked out in a fight last year, and finished the year in the ECHL. Suffice it to say, he was NOT in the Flyers long term plans.
Correct so far...

Originally Posted by columbiaNW View Post
Conversely, Erik Gustafsson came into this season with the hype of "being the next Timonen", which is not messageboard myth. Erik Gustafsson himself told the media that Holmgren and Don Luce told him SPECIFICALLY they envisioned him their next Timonen.
I don't remember this.

Regardless of whether or not it happened, you shouldn't buy immediately into what an organization is telling you about one of it's one, particularly when boasting.

Rookie mistakes are made by rookies. If some kids on the boards took it and ran with it, then it's their problem, not yours to bring up for some en masse divine retribution against Gustafsson.

Originally Posted by columbiaNW View Post
All we read all summer and coming into the year was how "Gus" had top pairing talent, and all other cliche-isms that get thrown around.
Not once did I see anyone throwing around Gus as a top-end talent.

In fact, I distinctly remember saying it could go two ways:

Gustafsson could turn into Carle or he could turn into Randy Jones.

I was leaning toward Carle, and in fact, I had him penciled in as Carle's replacement next to Pronger for 2012-13 since his offensive play would be the beneficiary of Pronger's steadiness.

Originally Posted by columbiaNW View Post
Since coming back from the wrist injury, Gustafsson looks like a scared little boy playing the game amongst men. He shies away from contact and gets rammed at ever opportunity. Forwards love him on the ice because they know they are getting the puck back.
Because injuries heal immediately?

Maybe it's still sore and he's scared of re-injuring it?

He didn't play this way in his first stint, and I doubt this is a real glimpse into the future of Gustafsson. He's a smaller guy, like Timonen, but he's shown he can body players in the AHL.

A common mistake people make is believing that players are significantly bigger or any bigger in the NHL than in the AHL. The game is faster but not bigger. If Gustafsson could keep up with the combination of speed/size at the AHL, he'll manage in the NHL. The only question remaining is how much he comes along through his career.

You're blaming him for being a rookie. It's really unfair.

Originally Posted by columbiaNW View Post
Gustafsson was just benched for Lilja last week, but Andreas Lilja sucks at life so badly that the coaches had to get Gustafsson back in.
Or they were giving Gustafsson a rest...?

Like how they don't overuse Couturier?

It's also possible they liked Lilja as a bigger defensemen against that particular opponent. Ever notice when Shelley gets in the lineup over Zolnierczyk? It's against more physical/bigger opponents.

But I'm fairly confident you overlooked that during your Gustafsson witch-hunt.

Originally Posted by columbiaNW View Post
Going back to MAB, he took the most of an opportunity he was given, which was essentially he last shot at playing pro hockey. He changed his diet, practice habits and dedication to the game, and he is playing a bigger role for your team than ever expected. I call that underdog.
Yeah, so, the underachieving Bourdon, former QMJHL defenseman of the year, rededicated himself to hockey and look what he's achieved.

That doesn't mean he has top-end potential. He's sluggish, his defensive game gets exposed because of it, and skating is just not something you can realistically correct in your early 20s after a lifetime of skating.

Originally Posted by columbiaNW View Post
I know you like to throw around stats, so I want you to break Gustafsson's stats into two parts, pre-injury and post. Pre, he played 5 games. His stats were grossly padded by the blowout game v CBJ where he played over 20 minutes. Since coming back from injury he has not played as many minutes NOR as many shifts as MAB. I will post the splits later today, to show how wrong you are here.
You want to split the stats of a 17-game NHL career?

Are you for real dude?

I don't even know how to react to splitting up a 17-game sample size.

Originally Posted by columbiaNW View Post
At the end of the day, it doesn't matter to me who you prefer, I was providing an outsider's perspective. Your emotional post was a little strange, if not misplaced. I will tell you this, opposing teams love seeing "Gus" on the ice because they know a turnover is about to happen. Brandon Prust told a NY reporter that MAB was a one of the toughest young kids in the league, and I was told he said similar in the HBO series. Prust has no reason to say anything like that if it isn't true.
You seem to be an outsider on a witch-hunt. Why are you even here? Did Gustafsson say mean things about your mom?

It's a little alarming that you care so much.

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