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11-10-2003, 01:35 PM
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Originally Posted by slats432
I am another one in silent mode. I think that at this juncture mildly disappointed is the term I would use to describe the team's performance up to now.

I said it last year, I said it in the offseason....

Mr. Craig MacTavish. Would you please decide what your lines are and for good or bad play them for the first 45 minutes of every game unless down by two goals or more. And when you change them if you are losing...go back to the original lines for the next game unless there is a huge epiphany with a line uber-clicking.

What are the lines? Anyone know? I don't. Christ at least in Calgary you could tell what their first line is..Conroy, Iggy, McCammond. Vancouver...Nas-Bert-Mor...Colorado...Hedjuk, Forsberg, Tanguay....what about us?

The Oilers haven't had a set line that has lasted an entire season in several seasons. That is pathetic. I am beginning to think that this team finds 90+ points every season despite the coach, not because of him.

Tommy Salo. I have no defense for you. In the offseason it was keep you, trade you, no real preference. My only thought is that if you stayed you had to go back to two years ago and re-establish yourself as a top half of the NHL(by no means dominant) starting NHL goalie. At this particular time, any one of the three Buffalo goalies, any one of the three Phoenix goalies, any one of the 14 Atlanta goalies( ) would be preferable to the dogshyt offerings that you have put on our plate this year. I am disgusted by your numbers and the fact is that right now there are about 150-200 goaltenders out there that I would rather have between the pipes than you. If NHL scoring is down, can you really understand how bad you have to be to have a .866 sv % and 3.42 GAA? I HATE CURTIS JOSEPH AND I AM BEGINNING TO HATE YOU FOR MAKING ME LAMENT FOR THE TIME HE WAS OUR GOALIE. Pick your game up of get the Hell out of dodge.

Mike Comrie. Good bye. Good riddance. Give me any combination of decent players/prospects/picks for your sorry, irreconcilable a$$ and I will be glad when the mess you and Winter created is over.
Excellent rant. Have you tried being on the Jim Rome show?