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02-09-2012, 05:57 PM
It's gotta be true.
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1. Zone 1 - On paper, the team to beat. Of course, the game is played on the ice, but with Riddle and Bear anchoring the defense and their offensive depth, i don't see them losing.

2. Zone 8 - The only team that i see that has a realistic chance of beating the favourites. Campese should add some sizzle to the North East steak. Also agree with Poke that Iron should make a nice contribution. One slightly overlooked player is Smallchild, who i think will help solidify their defense. Didn't see Fox-Zacharias's name on the roster, but i think he would add some grit to their line-up.

3. Zone 7 - Have to agree with HL here. Should be the strongest team they've had in a while as they draw from 2 solid teams, with a nice balance of offense and defense.

4. Zone 6 - Once again will have strong goaltending(Coghill, Hamm) and arguably the best defensive depth of any team (Olson, Perillat, Hobbs, Constant, Bigsby, and likely Melnyk) but a weak forward crop led by Hebig and Lambert will likely prevent them from reaching the top.

5. Zone 5 - A number of all-stars, but lack depth at all positions. Draude will always be dangerous but i really think they go as far as Sloboshan takes them. I've watched him all year, and while he lacks finish, he has all the other tools. For my money, the best forward in the GSHL this year. Also, wouldn't be surprised to see Thiel make the team.

6. Zone 2 - Could be a little out there, but i like the way they played last year. Also, from what little i've seen of Regina teams this year; they've played hard. That said, i don't think there's much daylight between them and zone 3 or 4, so i wouldn't be shocked if they finished eighth either.

7. Zone 3 - Some good talent, but like was mentioned earlier, really thin.

8. Zone 4 - Like the work ethic of the Yorkton players. With some breaks and a little help from some M'ville players could go as high as 6th.

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