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Originally Posted by ponder View Post
Re: low vs mid kicks, I too feel that it's much easier to notice/feel the flex when shooting with a mid kick stick. For example, my 77 flex X60 feels like it flexes about as easily when shooting as the 87 flex one80 I've used, and it feels significantly stiffer than the 77 flex one95 I used to own. I can't confirm that this is the case for all brands, but in general if you're moving from a Supreme to a Vapor, I'd go down 1 flex level, or alternately if you're moving from a Vapor to a Supreme, I'd go up 1 flex level.

Re: the OP, if a 100 flex stick feels way too stiff for you, maybe try an 85/87 mid kick.
The lower kick will act stiffer because the lever affect is decreased. You have to do more of the work verse a mid-kick.

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