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02-09-2012, 09:00 PM
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Great comeback win, had to watch the TB feed. Play by play guy is fine, but the color guy is just plain obnoxious. Every little thing that goes the Rangers way he makes up some excuse. On Boyle's goal, he said it was the luckiest thing he has seen in a long time. If Stamkos did the same thing, he would've said it was great skill. And when there was a non call on the Rangers, he would ask where the penalty was. When the same thing happens involving a Lightning player, silence. And on the OT goal right after Richards scores, you can hear him under his breath saying "You gotta be kidding me...".

Professionalism at its best; this is what happens when you stick a hockey team in a Southern state with piss poor announcing teams. Nothing against you Floridians, Texans, or Arizona people but what a waste of a team. So I can now add the TB commentators to the Pens (Staggy, what a bull Malkin is!), Chico (what a play by Brodeur, he flopped a little but thats OK), and Philthy (Tasty Cakes?!). Rant over.

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