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Originally Posted by MathMan View Post
That is... wow...


Baby steps, but PROGRESS!
I know I couldn't believe it when I heard that.

Now the way they talked (mainly Bergeron), I'm not sure if they grasp tough minutes (the DD>Plek I've heard all year makes me believe they don't but you never know) all that much or they just know Plek is great defensively.

Sadly for Plekanec, if they don't want to split the Patches-DD-Cole line, having Plek "carrying" (well not that much carrying since they aren't awfull defensively but you get what I mean) wingers in hard matchups might be the only way to not make the rest of the lineup weak as hell while still giving Eller linemates to devellop his overall game in a softer minutes role. (meaning: not first lines matchups)

AK could go there ahead of Darche tough. Hell with Gomez instead of Moen this could make a pretty stong tough minutes line that can still generate offence. Bourque-Eller-Leblanc can probably do the job has an offensive soft minutes line for the rest of the season.

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