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02-09-2012, 10:57 PM
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Originally Posted by Ducks DVM View Post
Ah, my bad, ty
No problem.

This does bring up an interesting "loophole." The players are drafted under one ELC max salary (875k in Schultz's case for 2008 draftees) but if he goes to UFA he can get the 925k that 2012 draftees are eligible for.

There's unfairness either way. If he were never drafted, then the 925k makes sense. OTH, it brings about weird situations like this where he'd be monetarily inclined to go to UFA for the extra 50k. So the Ducks would have to use up the ELC year on him.

Not sure what the solution is. You could limit unsigned guys becoming UFA to the ELC max of his original draft year. But maybe only for the first year (or even partial year)? Because otherwise as an UFA he should be allowed the current ELC max. But OTH the drafting team does have a slight advantage, as mentioned earlier, because they do have the option to use up a year and get him to his 2nd contract earlier.

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