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Originally Posted by cnshockey View Post
Scenario I mean is when there is a loose puck on the opposite side of the crease and it is at a close angle to the net. I understand what you mean about taking away the angle but every single goalie coach I've ever had, including the goalie that was an NHLer, told me in the scenario, slide to the post. Earlier this year Quick got beat on the exact scenario I have in my head because he slid right at the puck, he got deked out, and scored on. If he takes a deeper angle, that doesn't happen.

The reason I bring up the leg to the post is again because he is very susceptible to being scored on from behind the red line. If he hugs the post when the puck is behind the goal line and he's in the vertical leg position, he doesn't get scored on in that manner. And I said in the previous post the mobility thing isn't an issue. But it certainly can't hurt him one bit to be ready to slide instead of having to load up his leg and then slide.

Sorry. I'm bad at describing things obviously. And maybe your 25 years of goaltending is because back when you first learned, they still didn't wear masks (I'm kidding. I'm not THAT ********)
LOL, funny....

Might be a good idea if you can find a youtube play describing what you are trying to say..

As far as the vertical post because he's very susceptible, meh, all goalies are, you can't load up like you said, AND have a vertical leg on the post, you have to have that knee bent, and you are gonna get a bounce every so often,

I was playing in a game, kid was in the corner with the puck, I did the vertical leg post, hugged, it, played it well, the kid scored, from the corner, behind the red line.

How you ask?

He fired it at my head, hit me in the back of the freaking head, puck rolled down my shoulder and in the net.

Kid was drafted 2 years later by Montreal....go figure.

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