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02-10-2012, 12:52 AM
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Originally Posted by Dowisetrepla View Post
There's some local politics involved here too, Licata is quite likely to fun for Mayor next year. So he's 1) perhaps reluctant to support any cause that may benefit the incumbent McGinn, and 2) harp on the "no public funds" card.

As for Godden, she's been around so long she probably saw the original Seattle Metropolitans in person...
Even so. But public funds still is still a legit concern. How is he to know with out seen the proposal if there actually public funds being used or not. I believe he is for it as long as public funds aren't being used.

Remember if this failures and arena goes to Bellevue. It gives a huge black eye to the city and will draw people away that would normally wanted to invest into the city. Those people will just take their money and go somewhere else. Even Licata voting no would potential be used against him if he's running for mayor.

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