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NHL Franchise Ownership

Chris Hansen's NHL partner is not Chicago's Don Levin. This mystery person apparently resides in Bellevue WA.

It likely has to be someone who has already done business with the NHL, since an enormous amount of credibility would be required (on both sides), for things to inch closer to conclusion simply on handshakes.

I did a quick search and found this linked article stating John McCaw Jr. is specifically from Bellevue. If this is the case, the prospective NHL owner partnering with Hansen could very well be McCaw. There is a pre-existing relationship and trust between McCaw and the NHL. And that fact that this partner is still a mystery is befitting of McCaw's low key M.O.

Also, McCaw already has the experience in running an NHL club and could very well get a relocated Coyotes up and running in Seattle relatively quickly I would think.

McCaw family once owned the 30th largest TV cable company in the US, McCaw Cablevision. Apparently John McCaw Sr., their dad, built the family wealth through cable TV in the Northwest. Unfortunately, McCaw Sr. had to sell off some stations during a debt-laden time period. And then in the late 80's his sons sold the whole cableco to another regional player, for greener pastures in cellular in the 80s (obviously the right move at that time). Ultimately, that combined cableco entity was swallowed up by, guess who -- Comcast.

Now that cable sports is the most profitable segment in the new TV industry, perhaps the McCaws are looking to leverage old NHL relationships and cable business experience, to restore the family reputation in the cable industry. With the McCaws now out of cellular, wireless, and sports, I would hazard guess one or more of them has had some of their abundant cash invested in Chris Hansen's impressive hedge fund, Valiant, which has done fabulously well investing in the likes of Apple and Google.

The McCaws and Hansen must have those same $$$$ signs in their eyes when envisioning a piece of the regional sports net action with NBA/NHL anchors for the 13th largest media market in the US (not to mention nieghbouring markets).

The John McCaw Jr. is officially on my radar.


I'm sure Steve Ballmer is involved somehow as well. The Microsoft CEO "sold $1.3 billion in [MSFT] stock last year...and a few years ago Ballmer was part of a prospective ownership group to invest $150 million towards a $300 million renovation of KeyArena" in an attempt to keep the Sonics in Seattle.

The proximity to a rabid NHL fan base a couple hours north (think "Buffalo Sabres West"), along with a strong partnership between the NHL & NBA franchises (with regional sports network ambitions also in mind), IMO, guarantees the success of a Seattle NHL franchise over the short and long term respectively.

It's really a no-brainer once the Arena plans crystallize. Billionaires must be literally lining up in Seattle to get a piece of the action.

Seattle to Vancouver

Chris Hansen
Valiant Capital Management is a $2.7 billion global long/short equity hedge fund founded by Christopher R. Hansen in March 2008. Prior to that, Christopher Hansen was a Managing Director of Blue Ridge Capital from 2001 to January 2008. Mr. Hansen is the President and portfolio manager of Valiant and is supported by six junior partners who serve as senior analysts.

Chris Hansen graduated from San Diego State University in 1991 with a BS in Business/Finance. Prior to returning to graduate school at USC, Chris worked as a financial consultant for American Express Finacial Advisors and managed over $7 million in client assets. Upon completion of his MBA, Chris pusued a career in securities analysis and accepted a position with Montgomery Securities in San Francisco. Chris later worked for Blue Ridge Capital.

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