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ATD 2011

Guelph Platers
1986 Memorial Cup Champions

Home Rink: Guelph Memorial Gardens (1948)
GM: BraveCanadian
Coach: Al Arbour
Captain: Dave Poulin
Alternates: Clark Gillies, Bryan Trottier
Player Development Consultant: Gary Roberts

Clark Gillies - Bryan Trottier - Rick Middleton
John Ogrodnick - Rick MacLeish - Rene Robert
Mike McPhee - Dave Poulin - Yuri Lebedev
Martin Gelinas - Jason Arnott - Rick Vaive

Mike Ramsey - Guy Lapointe
Steve Smith - Eric Desjardins
Jamie Macoun - Reijo Ruotsalainen

Walter "Turk" Broda
Felix "the Cat" Potvin

Craig Simpson - Sylvain Lefebvre - Dmitri Khristich

PP1: Rick Middleton - Bryan Trottier - Rick Vaive - Guy Lapointe - Eric Desjardins
PP2: John Ogrodnick - Rick MacLeish - Rene Robert - Steve Smith - Reijo Ruotsalainen

Penalty Kill:
PK1: Dave Poulin - Rick MacLeish - Mike Ramsey - Guy Lapointe
PK2: Bryan Trottier - Rick Middleton - Steve Smith - Eric Desjardins

Spare PK Jamie Macoun if any of the top stringers are logging too many minutes in the game

This was my first entry into the ATD.

I was in a very tight division with some strong entries but we ended up the second seed.

In the playoffs we managed to win our division by eliminating the 3rd seed Jokerit Helsinki in 6 games and the 5th seed Cincinnati Fireworks in 7 games.

In the semis we lost to TDMM's New Jersey Swamp Devils in 5.

How the team came about

I was originally considering going with Roy and building from the net out because that is a common team constructing method and at the time I didn't realize how undervalued goaltenders are in the ATD.

When Roy was taken, I bumped Trottier up a couple of picks from the previous draft because 1) I am a big fan of his and, 2) for the reason that a complete player like Trottier lets you build however you like from then on.. so basically I punted to the next pick to decide how I was going to go.

The second pick I chose Guy Lapointe, again for his all around ability and elite special teams skill. There was a horrendous run on defensemen and I didn't want to get left out in the cold completely.

The third pick I returned to my original plan somewhat by picking a big time money goalie in Turk Broda.

I then pretty much proceeded with the idea I was going to get Al Arbour and that with a good all around C and D as well as a great goalie, I would focus more on players who were not afraid to get their nose dirty and who would pay the price in the playoffs.

Unfortunately I made a couple of mistakes that cost me offensive ability on my wings. I needed a bigger gun for Trottier instead of a two-way Middleton (or give up physicality for a better offensive threat than Gillies), and had a lack of a standout playmaker on line 2 and I think that was my undoing. Robert was a good playmaker and puckwinner but we just didn't have enough offense overall in our lineup.

The Good

I think our team must have been hell to play against. We are loaded with gritty/two-way/defensive players and backstopped by a great goalie. We tried to go power on power because there were very few first lines that matched up against our first line physically or defensively.

Trottier. He is a horse in this format because of his elite all around ability. He carried our team by playing awesome in all situations.

Desjardins was a good pick where I got him. I think that his awards etc. somewhat undervalue his solid steady play and all around ability.

Macoun was a great pick where I got him and he was an awesome fit with Ruotsalainen. They are like two parts of a whole.

Al Arbour - he's just plain awesome. Ditto Dave Poulin.

I think our powerplay was pretty good but as I think TDMM pointed out, lacking that big gun that would have made Trottier even more effective, and our penalty killing was great - maybe the best in the whole draft.

The Bad

Clark Gillies - I knew I was paying a premium getting him to play with Trottier but I really should have waited longer because although Gillies - Trottier makes a fearsome physical first line, once I added Middleton I ended up with a line that was amazing physically and defensively and only good overall offensively. If Trottier had a little more help in that department I think we could have gone farther. Middleton is a little underrated here, I think, but Gillies just didn't bring enough offense along with his physicality and defense.

Yuri Lebedev - I didn't have enough time to flesh out properly as an offensive player and I think that cost me because people weren't convinced he fit on that grinding third line I was constructing.

I needed them to add a little more than they did because Poulin was actually a fairly talented offensive player and he needed more help than McPhee.

The Ugly

People killed me for the lack of a pure playmaker on my second line, and I think in my zest to add notable playoff performers who were defensive and gritty guys for my Al Arbour team I did shortchange my offense overall.

Gary Roberts was a joke pick and while I don't think it cost me anything, it may have.

I was a bit too hesitant about what I was going to do, and drafted in a reactionary manner when the run on defensemen started. All in all I am pretty happy with the team I constructed the first time out but in the current ATD2012 I trying to shake things up a little and construct a different kind of team to avoid paying premiums on players.


I was picking 32nd in the 32 team draft and while Sakic was an easy choice as a top two-way player to build around, I then had narrowed my choice down to Park or Coffey as my #1 defenseman.

Considering the run on defensemen every draft I really wanted one since I had to wait so long between picks.

I decided to go with Coffey so that I wouldn't get stuck in the usual team build. I built what I thought was a very specialized and cohesive team around him with tons of skating and offensive ability backed up by what I would call strong special teams, a decent defense, and one of history's ideal goaltenders for that type of team.

Very disappointed I didn't get far.. I was much happier with this team than 2011.

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