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1.) During the ASG, what would you put in a thought bubble above Carey Price's head as he Tebows? What is a Tebow ?
2.) Which NHL mascot would prevail in a 30 mascot battle to the death? Sparky he is a dragon

3.) When will Scott Gomez score a damn goal for crying out loud???
in the next 3 games or so.

4.) Which "fantasy" will happen 1st? Rick DiPietro coming back healthy AND winning a Vezina, or the Leafs winning a Cup?
Leafs winning a cup. However i would not call it a fantasy.

5.)What would please you more, Seeing any NHL player skating by Pierre MgGuire and just clobber him in the face, or Mike Milbury exiled to Somalia? Neither. I do not wish harm to either person

6.) What's more embarrasing, Sidney Crosby's hideous "mustache", or Pierre MgGuire? I guess Crosby

7.) If you could have a beer with one player, who would it be?
I do not drink. But i guess Wayne

8.) Favorite character from any"The Mighty Ducks" Movies? I do not have a fav. None of them really were good Characters. However the moved were good.

9.) Which NHL player has the hottest girlfiend/wife?
I am not a stalker. I have no idea what there wifes or girlfriends look like.

10.) Finally, What is your most fond memory as a hockey fan?
Going to my first game

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