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11-10-2003, 03:12 PM
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Originally Posted by #37-#93-#27
games off the top of my head:
vr Atlanta
vr Carolina
vr Montreal

The difference between Parcells and Sather is that Parcells would not be two faced about it. Parcells ripped into Larry Allen an all pro future HOFer, do you think Sather would ever rip into Messier or even some veteran not quite on that level but a veteran none the less. I saw Messier turn the puck over twice in the Flyer's zone, also saw him take 10 seconds just to pick up his stick meanwhile the Flyers are peppering Dunham seeing as the Rangers were essentially short handed in their own zone.

As for the IM thing? Grow up Jar Jar, you're 25 yet you act like you're 10. Take the high road for once.

for soembody that says
Mah pot pai [7:09 PM]: you're the stupidest ****** i've ever seen
Mah pot pai [7:09 PM]: i bet you work in some ****** drive in place and live in your parents house still, yet you're 25 LOL

i think you should be the one that needs to grow up!!!

what were lundmarks stats for the carolina and atlanta games? im sure you must know? i know whatever he did it was one of the few games he did anything. im all for lundmark getting ice time but not if he isnt practicing or playing well

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