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02-10-2012, 09:47 AM
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Originally Posted by Em Ancien View Post
Is anyone saying he's expendable except morons?

If so, why do you care?
I think many here are making generalisation of what most "trade Plek" posters are saying.

I personnaly never said he was "expendable" because of DD and Eller. Personnaly, what I'm saying is the following:

1- Eller is developping nicely in a great third line - checking line, PK specialist, with occasionnal offense burst, at a fraction of Plekanec's price.

2- DD is also developping (and allready is) a pretty good second line center.

3- I think Habs are going nowhere with these 2 + Plekanec as I think the team as way too many holes before being a real contender.

4- Given the first 3 points and given that Plekanec has the more value on the trade market, I say trade him for valuable younger assets that could fix more holes in the close future that he is fixing by himself (young players, draft picks, etc.), especially that big elusive first line centerman that the Habs are needing for such a long time.

I think those arguments are at least as good as the ones stating to keep Plekanec. It is just a matter of evaluating the team's needs.

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