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02-10-2012, 09:50 AM
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Originally Posted by Habs13 View Post
Plekanec and Desharnais are the same style, same sized player so you move one to bring in a needed element at center. So, if both these guys produce at the same level, bring the same game, do you keep the younger guy making little or the older guy that makes $5M and has decent trade value? IF (Yes, I said if) you can package Plekanec for a Getzlaf type player, do you not do it? New element, bigger at center.

Edit: Actually, the attitude that erks me is people wanting to play centres on wing - especially small ones like Desharnais. The only place he should play is at center with big boys on his wings. Eller at center. Not at wing. He is nonexistant when he was put on wing. Gomez... anywhere as long as it's Hamilton. Let guys play their natural position and be done with it.
Except they aren't the same type of players at all. Except for both being small they are as oppsosite as two playmaking centers can be. One is a two-way tough minutes center who creates alot on the rush while the other one is a one-way softer minutes player who's more of a patient pure playmaker.

And I don't think DD playing wing is a bad idea, logic would say if you have to move a center on the wing, you put the one-way guy there since with way teams play these days, your center is almost a 3rd defenceman out there.

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