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02-10-2012, 10:14 AM
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You know who was great on the Team and still is when he makes the occasional stop-in?

GARRY MF'IN GALLEY. When he was the co-host on the time slot that is now the Healthy Scratches, he used his weight in the NHL to bring on some great guests. One of the best was he would be able to get Ray Bourque in almost weekly to discuss the NHL. Ray was the best! He would provide great insight while also telling a great story or two from his playing days. He was also very witty and funny too. I always wondered why he didn't become an analyst himself. He's a natural.

Regarding the layoffs: It's about time they got rid of Jungle "My schtick was great in the 60s on the Gong Show" Jerome and Phil "I sound like I should be broadcasting from my parents basement with Christian Slater" Melanson. People losing their jobs is never a good thing but incompetence should never be rewarded with a steady paycheque.

Liam McGuire - as soon pointed out, he's great in small doses. His one hour show though was unbearable. It was mainly a pulpit for him to name-drop and try to curry favor with his favorite establishments. That or he'd bring up a useless story about a Joe Schmo coming up to him and discussing some Junior A coach they both knew in Stittsville. It was unbearable.

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