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02-10-2012, 10:33 AM
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Originally Posted by pepty View Post
Liam McGuire is good in small doses.

Also this Simpson guy who is on with Lee Versage right now, I have a feeling they are bringing him on, but his problem is that he doesnt know how to have a conversation,he talks non stop hardly pausing for breath.

After awhile you dont care what he is saying you just want him to shut up.

If he learned to stop once in awhile and let someone else give thier opinion he might be okay as he is knowlegable.

Regrding McKenzie and Freidman, its good to hear from them but we hear from them a lot anyway. I like having on other voices that arent always on the air such as the Scratches bringing on Trotz and AJ and Versage having people on from junior hockey from various places.

Also like the coverage of local sports that is mostly on Sports Call.

It would be nice to have more actual sports coverage on TGOR now that we dont have to listen to Jeromes endless and pointless anecdotes any more.
Man, you are critical. They guy just started, give him a break. He is extremely knoweldgeable with contacts out the wazoo, the show is going to get better, save for people like you who will probably never be happy.

It's ****ing talk radio, relax with the ridiculously high standards.

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