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02-10-2012, 10:59 AM
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it's a shame people don't look at deals in the past.

I forgot to mention that Leafs should be amenable to taking Rolston if the NYI wanted to salary dump. If you notice most trades nowadays, the salaries usually match up pretty well.

here's a truth for you.
if the leafs signed JT as an RFA for his existing salary ($4,701,131 $6,268,175 range) .. the cost to the leafs would be first, second and third-round pick
That's what the CBA deemed "fair value" for losing an asset in JT's salary range.
in my proposal, i offered an all star defenceman, who's only 27, and 3 additional first rounders, and MORE in term of younger goalies and an additional prospect -- (not even mentioning Connolly who was also a 1st rounder a long time ago). That's a lot of assets.

That's giving the Islanders a lot of depth... something they haven't had since Trottier and Bossy.
Tavares is only an asset. He can be moved for other assets.

Jeff Carter was moved for basically 2 first rounders.
MIke Richards was moved for a 1st (Schenn) and 2nd (Simmonds) and a 2nd.

why is it so outrageous when someone offers 4 firsts (phaneuf was a 1st rounder) plus more for Tavares?

Is JT soooo much better than Richards and Carter?

Kessel cost 2 first and a second.
Is JT soooo much better than Kessel?

i would have rather received a realistic counter from Isles fans.. instead of the usual gibberish.

don't forget that Rumour has it that Islanders offered 1st overall pick (JT) to Toronto for L. Schenn and the 7th overall pick at the draft.

I know Isles fans love JT... I know why.... but I also know Islanders are missing playoffs again... so the need to re-build continues.... re-building means get more assets.

If any team offered 4 first rounders for Kessel, I'd trade him in a heartbeat!
and don't forget, I agree it is a lot to ask NY to trade JT, but he potentially could be one hit away from season/career ending concussion... that's always a risk.

and... let's not forget... ESPN doesn't even think JT belongs on the top 25 list of young guns....

so for all you flamers.... stop and think before you type.

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