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Originally Posted by Sargent Pepper View Post
Naaaahhh, the moron is the one calling others names on the basis that they do not share his opinion.....that is who the moron is.....

Your ok, even if you do not share the moron's opinion.
You're right, and I didn't mean to come off as personally insulting anyone. I just was responding to the guy who said "except morons", so I meant to suggest MANY feel this way, thus there are a lot of 'morons'.

Originally Posted by holyhabs87 View Post
Ya it is annoying.

It was the same with PK when idiots like Gagnon said we should trade PK to get a 1C because we have a guy like Beaulieu coming up.

It's completely stupid.
Originally Posted by MathMan View Post
Actual proven NHL ability is IMHO grossly underevaluated on this board, and the risk involved with trading for "upside" is never considered or even mentioned.

If the Habs traded Plekanec, they'd be very unlikely to get a player who'd ever be as good. It might happen but the odds are much better than it wouldn't. After all, if you had a guy who was surefire going to be better than X in 3-4 years, why the hell would you trade him for X?
You both hit the nail on the head. We overvalue the unproven relative to the proven. I suppose it comes with the territory, being Hockeys future boards and all, but there's many things that just don't make sense IMO. Like, some would trade Subban for a top 5 pick. If you look back the last 10 years, some top 5 players in the draft were busts or arent worth subban but the pick itself, is worth it?

As a fans of hockey we sometimes treat it like a brand new car. It's worth a fortune, you buy it and then as soon as you get it off the lot, it's value is cut. Our picks are great until we draft someone with them, suddenly, it's mere years until we consider the notion of packaging that player for the 'next big thing', akin to trading in your car or giving it back after the lease has ended.

That was my point in this threads, perhaps not clearly stated but Plekanec is a mere example, he's an excellent player. Teams loaded with talent and franchise players like chicago would gladly take a plekanec on 2nd line, but we, not with toews, kane, kossa, keith but rather with eller, DD, subban...we can use him as trade bait. As I said, upgrades are fine, but the thought of trading Plekanec for a package rather than Plek being part of one to attain a star player makes me cringe. It will set us back big time.

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