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02-10-2012, 11:50 AM
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Originally Posted by billvanseattle View Post
I love the innovative idea of taxing other players coming into town. Look a bucket of free money ...

Sorry, if it isn't viable on its own it shouldn't proceed. All these "innovative" ways of finding tax dollars are the wrong approach; fzcking governments need to find ways to cut spending, not "innovative" ways to steal more of my dollars ...

Either way, I would love to see the NHL in Seattle. I have 4 seasons tickets to the Canucks I can't afford already.

Having VCR, seattle, SJ, LA, Ana, Cal, Col and Edm as a division would be fantastic.
And if they can't figure out how to funded it NO new Arena period in seattle. Hell even if there is an agreement funding it could still not pass.

For it to get a 9-0 in favor a lot of concessions will have to be made with Hansen agreeing to a lot of things, all of the concerns will have to be addressed etc. Hansen could even decide to drop out and nothing happens. This can not be rushed. Once this proposal goes to City Hall. It could be another month or so before a vote happens or a vote could happen quickly and it fails. We just don't know where the end of the tunnel will be.

I'm moving on as if no arena in Seattle or no arena in Bellevue to not get my self disappointed.

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