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02-10-2012, 01:06 PM
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We aren't having the season we wanted, I get it and I'm disappointed just like the rest of you. But we aren't Columbus or something, chill out.
If we fans are not willing to hold the organization accountable for this mess then we deserve what we get. I'm fed up with mediocrity, excuses and comparisons to hapless teams.

The sooner Lombardi is gone, the better. This is the guy who has been preaching character, character, character but who ripped the players for giving up on Murray. He's the one who put this team together. Why hasn't he ripped himself for putting together a team that he thinks gave up on the coach? This is the guy who has emphasized the need for depth in the modern era. Well, where is the depth? It certainly isn't on the second, third or fourth lines and it apparently isn't in Manchester either. He's the guy who put together a team whose identity is as a defense first, perimeter playing, soft, slowish, mediocre passing, avoid the high risk, high reward offensive areas. He's the guy who put together the worst offense in the league in an era when it is important to be in the top third. Has he done good things as well? Of course, but after 5 and a half years it's the results that count. Enough already.

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