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Originally Posted by superdeluxe View Post
Not only that, but being the only NHL franchise in the NW of the United states means you might a fair amount of interest from Western Montana, Idaho, Oregon.

If you have fans other teams that lived in those areas..they might make the commute to see their teams play. Same thing for people who live in BC (Canuck fans coming down to watch their team play the Seattle Steelhead etc).
I'll heed off the comment that will inevitably come (as it did twice in the last thread) about how wide-spread a Seattle team really would be...and I think you have it right in that they'll get a fair amount of interest in Western Montana, Idaho, & Oregon...all places that have no real rooting interest as things stand aside from transplants and people just attaching onto a random team. I'm sure Seattle has a decent amount of Canucks fans, but the further away you get from Vancouver the fewer fans there are in the northwest.

Speaking as someone who's been living in Western Montana for 5 years now...most people here identify with Seattle as their favorite 'big' city, and the Seattle teams all have a decent share of the fan base (from my experience the Seahawks are behind only the Steelers and Packers in NFL fans, the Mariners probably tops in baseball, and the Sonics were tied with the Blazers in NBA...though this state really couldn't care less about that sport in general). Putting a NHL team in Seattle would probably make them the most popular team in the league here with no real is really only starting to build a footprint of the state (thanks in large part to the American West Hockey League and Northern Pacific Hockey League, both Tier III junior leagues (the current Seattle Totems are in this league), which have 8 teams in the state between them), but without any teams in the northwest the interest hasn't grown beyond the small-time junior hockey scene outside of transplants. There's a decent amount of Penguins and Red Wings fans here, as there's a lot of transplants here (me being one myself), and I know a lot of those fans would instantly grab onto Seattle as a secondary team.

The northwest is a barren market...the vast majority of the money that would be going into the team would be from the Seattle area, but they would become the northwest's team.

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