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02-10-2012, 01:58 PM
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Here's a quick table I came up with to show the relations between sports league's seasons:
League	J	F	M	A	M	J	J	A	S	O	N 	D
MLB				X	X	X	X	X	X	P		
NFL	        P								X	X	X	X
MLS			X	X	X	X	X	X	X	X	P	
NHL	        X	X	X	P	P	P				X	X	X
NBA	        X	X	X	X	P	P					X	X
WHL	        X	X	P	P						X	X	X
NCAAFB									X	X	X	
NCAABB	X	X	P								X	X
X = regular season, P = post-season
MLB only overlaps with NHL/NBA in October or April-May-June and that is all pending post season entry & success. Out of any league I figure the MLS to be opposed since there area 2 more month of overlap.

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