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Originally Posted by Capn Brown View Post
Voicing complaint when things are "bad" and remaining silent when things are "good" argument can be made that this is directly linked to millions of years of evolution.
Go ahead and complain when things are bad, but remaining silent when things are good isn't a positive, nevermind a direct evolutionary link. I come from the mindset that if you can ***** when someone ****s up, then you can applaud when they do well. Some of you only learned the first half of this statement.

Originally Posted by Sydor25 View Post
What about the people that saw this coming with the hiring of Murray and Sutter? People complain about the "complainers" after a win even though the same issues are still present. The reason you see more posts after a loss is because the team is the worst offensive team in the NHL, not just bad, but the worst. If people bring up the fact that the Kings are 15-0-1 when scoring 3+ goals, we are told that this proves the "system" works and the Kings just aren't lucky. Nevermind the fact that 16 games of "offense" is only 29% of the Kings games so far. That is bad and there are zero signs that Sutter was a "good" hire, just like most of us predicted.

I was willing to give him 15 games to see if Sutter had changed his ways, but the Kings are scoring less with Sutter than they did with Murray. Sure the Kings don't give up a lot, but they are a huge minus 5-on-5 right now and that is a bad sign for a "playoff" team. "Fixing" the PP doesn't get you much if you are only getting 2 or 3 chances per game on the PP. Even a great PP is around 20%, so 1 goal in 5 chances equals about 0.5 goals per game. When you are below 2 5-on-5 goals per game, another 0.5 goals isn't going to get you to 3 goals per game.

Since the coach is hired by the GM and is an extension of his philosophy, the failures of the team fall on the GM. AEG isn't going to fire 20+ players, some on long term, high salary contracts; they will fire the management team. I believe that the Kings are now at the point of no return with Lombardi, there isn't anything more that he could do that fits into his philosophy. He has created a cap team built from the back out and deep down the middle with a defensive minded coaching staff. It doesn't work anymore and he is out of ideas.
Syd, you know I'm on your side with all of this. My point is that if the team has a good game, few people both even logging in to say a simple way to go. But if they have a bad game, we get 7 pages of lengthy explaination of what is wrong with the team and how brutal they are, and how we should implode everything, ship half the club to Siberia and start over.

I get the negativity, but this team is still our team, you'd think there'd be a little more support when they do something well.

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