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02-10-2012, 03:21 PM
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Originally Posted by Capn Brown View Post
Each to his own.

The current trend in Behavioral Psychology calls for reinforcing (i.e., "applaud[ing] when they do well") 'good' behavior while ignoring 'bad' behavior. Personally, I feel that this technique undermines centuries of evolution and human development. But hey, if the Psych community believe they can magically rewire our physiological brainwave responses by saying "Hey, good job!", then more power to them. FWIW, brainwashing really isn't my thing. Actually, when people tell me "Hey, good job", I tend to get real pi$$ed!!! IMHO, motivation originates internally. At least, for me it does.
I don't want to ignore the bad or really even reward the good. Just have them but recieve equal recognition.

And throughout our eveolution, it's never been a good practice to only point out the negative and never the positive, and that's something a number of posters on this board (not naming names) have become very good at doing.

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