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02-10-2012, 04:35 PM
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I'm glad some of the kids are going to get a chance. Penner definately needs to be the scratch. I'm sorry, I know he has a few goals as of late, but if he doesn't get the puck in the slot in perfect shooting position, he has no chance.

Every time he's passed the puck he gets mugged and loses it. If he tries to pass, he gives it right to a defender. He is just a black hole out there most of the time. He seems to kill every cycle, dump in or pass up the boards. He floats a lot.

I have to admit, when he decides to put the effort in to get to the puck, he does. But he only puts that effort in maybe 2-3 times a game. He looks very good on maybe 1 shift a night, and it gets me excited every time, but only to be let down on the next shift.

I was not super enthused about acquiring him, but I was optimistic. That is totally gone.

Hopefully Nolan and King can use some of their energy and create loose pucks for the other players, or heck, maybe even create some goals on their own. I have seen King only the 6 games last season and a few of the rookie games this year. Nolan i have only seen in the rookie games, but I'm hopeful some youthful energy will help. I don't see how it can hurt too much.

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