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02-10-2012, 05:39 PM
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Originally Posted by hckyplayer8 View Post
It blows my mind that is happening (and quite consistently) to a guy that is suppose to be a franchise goaltender.
I hear what your sayin. If i didnt want him, didnt like him and then we got him payed him all this money and he was inconsistent, i'd probably be pissed too. but you cant watch one position when it comes to close hockey games. We had more than enough opportunities to score and all we did was lob softballs at net to run up the shot total and make nabokov look 10 years younger. We dont play the kind of style that would even remotely help a goalie look like he stole a game. the islanders suck and we should've scored in regulation. then we go to a shootout and all of our attempts sucked with simmonds execution just being retarded. that was almost like a forfit to me. Your a younger flyers fan and you havent been through the horrors that older guys (im 35) like me have with this neverending lineup of sh it they put in their crease. we paid money for a guy that was great before he got here. give him this year at least, playoffs included before you make him the center of all your hatred towards our crappiness. You really wanna blame someone blame that god dam stick to prongers face against toronto. i know bob has potential and is a good goalie but he wasnt good enough in his rookie year and when we made the move to sign bryz i really thought they knew somethin i didnt about bob. now it just seems like we have 2 good russian goalies. one of them just gets paid more and took the pressure a little bad at first.

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