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02-10-2012, 04:58 PM
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Originally Posted by sa cyred View Post
Well hands down the Gabby goal was easily the weakest out of the three. I think your the only one that disagrees with that one BP1974.

That being said, honestly it's a shame where this whole thing has went. It started off with everyone having a civil conversation about the two goalies and turned into you both argueing about the same thing both times. Everyone here knows hckyplayer8 hates Breezy. It's a fact he doesnt even deny. That being said, everyone here, except you BP1974, knows you are on Breezy's side than Bobs. You say you are unbiased and dont care who the #1 is, but what you say and what you post are totally different. You will defend every goal Breezy has let in. That's a fact. You might say "well it was a soft goal BUT..." and than go on for a paragraph as to why it wasnt a soft goal. On the other end of it, if Bob doesnt let in a soft goal, you go: "I dont think it was a soft goal BUT..." than you go on for about a paragraph as to why it was a soft goal. You might not see it, but we all classify you as a Breezy-fan as much as hckyplayer8 is a Bob-fan. Honestly, you arent unbiased at all, you are pretty much on one side of the fence. And that's fine. But dont yell at someone else when they are on the other side of the fence.

That being said, this wasnt a shot at you, but more of where the whole debate has gone. Beef as pretty much given up, as well as a few others who were pretty neutral. Kinda wish there were more neutral people who would talk about this.
this is the single best post in this entire thread's history..

and well said.

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