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02-10-2012, 06:11 PM
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Don't compare Wolski with Moore. These Moore boys are sneaky. Go look at the Naslund hit. Steve Moore said he wasn't aware Naslund was there when he hit him. Naslund was concussed on the play. Dominic said the same thing last night. Fedotenko was concussed on the play. Notice the trend. Shanahan didn't suspend Wolski because

"Wolski's not a dirty player, and has no history of being a dirty player. There are collisions that occur on the ice where, unfortunately, one player sees it just prior. On this play here, Wolski has got to get out to this point. You see here, Gaborik, the left winger, has to come all the way to Wolski's point on the right side because Wolski's not there. [Wolski] ran into Alfredsson trying to get there.

"We've seen enough of these now and I don't like these but seen enough of them where when one player sees [the hit] just prior, he tenses up. And sometimes he even leans in, because he's bracing for an impact. When both guys see it, it's two guys tensing up and they bounce off each other and everybody's fine. It's really unfortunate here, when one player doesn't see it and the other guy does.

"Now, if I felt this was intentional, or if it wasn't at the last instant, just prior. [If] I might have felt there was any kind of sneakiness or history of these types of offenses for Wolski, he would have been suspended.",wp16508

Shanahan explained his decision to EJ Hradek and Bill Pidto. The video is in the link

Fedotenko hit Moore. Boyle said Moore upset about the hit and he hit Fedotenko.

Moore has never been suspended but it was a cheap hit.

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