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02-10-2012, 07:53 PM
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Originally Posted by tank44 View Post
I think the parking is BS... It's the polite way to talk about lost revenue due to competition. Where the sodo arena is being proposed is mostly warehouses and some parking. For game days I would expect that maybe 100 cars max is in that area. This is also BS since Safeco run the biggest parking garage in the area and they are going to complain about having more dates for people to park in their garage?? wtf..

Changing to the Bellevue option will be worse for traffic and associated costs. Seattle city council will look even worse since they ran out of the city that much lost revenue.

I currently have Seahawks & Huskies football season tickets and go to 1-2 Ms game a month and a few sounders, Silvertips & T-bids games a year locally. With NHL coming in I will probably get a 1/4 season plan for the NHL, keep my Seahawks tickets but reduce the others significantly. 1 UW, MLS, Tips & T-birds game per year and maybe only 2-4 Ms games a year.

It's about competition, they were probably shocked that the Sounders took their "territory" away (or some of it) like they did and will come up with a lame excuse to try to squash competition.
The freaking Blazers threatened the same thing against the Timbers in 2009. Just pitiful.
When I lived in Minneapolis/St Paul., the Twins, didn't complain for threaten legal action against the Timberwolves in 1989 and from I know (left before this) they didn't do that against the Wild either.
If the Mariners stall and/or have something to do with any negative aspect with the Arena project, where it gets to the point of killing it, I will burn my hat and jersey.

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