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(work in progress)

Comments on other mentioned players:

A+: So good, they jumped out at me right from the start:

Tim Ecclestone
Scott Thornton
Tie Domi
Milan Chalupa
George Allen

A: So good, that once they were profiled here I knew they belonged:

Arnold Kadlec

B: Just missed the cut for me

Antti Laaksonen: Excellent penalty killer, underappreciated.
Bohuslav Ebermann: I like those international stats.
Bill Touhey: Low GP doesn't scare me off, seasons were half as long back then. Flirted with the leaderboard, LOH says good checker.
Janne Ojanen: Like the international stats.
Blair MacDonald: Would a guy with 426 points in 695 games be picked by now? I'd say so. (that's what he looks like with WHA pts converted)
Thommy Abrahamsson: Intriguing! Wish we knew more.
Leo Bourgeault: Nice find! You might miss him if you look just at GP, but he was an NHL regular for 7 seasons in a small league.
Danny Cox: I don't think he was an above-average player... but he was a 7-year regular.
Dieter Hegen: Definitely love those international stats from the left side.
Art Throop: His name pops up all the time for me as well. Intriguing, at worst.
Richard Zednik: Honestly, Mark Parrish just barely beat him out.
Gerd Trunschka: Again, love those international numbers.
Larry Regan: A late cut for me.
Leon Rochefort: There's lots to like. Lasted a long time, and won a couple cups.
Marshall Johnston: like his international and NHL careers, together they are pretty good.
Darryl Maggs: At the very least, his WHA 1st AST makes him a decent intrigue pick. Too bad he did little in the NHL.
Marc Reaume: Very successful in the AHL, when there was no room for him in the NHL. Like Kraftcheck, he might be MUCH better than we all think.
Gerry Lowrey: Agree, better than Danny Cox.

C: Intriguing picks with some merit and redeeming qualities

Jean Perron: just not enough time as a coach compared to other availables
Dave Gill: not enough of a track record as a coach
Benoit Brunet: He was ok, but not an elite role player
Marty Reasoner: became a checker out of necessity, but not necessarily a good one or for teams that were at all successful
Markus Ketterer: I question the quality of the Finnish league in the 90s.
Michal Grosek: I always liked him. Too short a career for my liking but he had a lot of grit and heart.
Espen Knutsen: Really tough guy to judge but it looks like there's something there
Thomas Rundqvist: Wish we knew more. Tough to judge a guy who didn't come over to the NHL with the other good Swedish players.
Jonas Bergqvist: Wish we knew more. I like that he has potential as a checker.
Al McDonough: his one big season is intriguing, but I'm not sure I like his offensive or defensive resume enough.
Reg Sinclair: I like the two all-star games. But he's a definite step below two guys I cut from that era. Wish he had some good AHL time to supplement that resume.
Timo Jutila: Appears to have potential as an offensive specialist.
Bill MacKenzie: Decent. A definite step below Bourgeault. Established himself as a bonafide regular for 4 full seasons in a small league.
Ron Tugnutt: He was pretty good.
Joffrey Lupul: Not quite a good pick yet, but will get there, from the looks of things.
Braydon Coburn: See Lupul.
Herb Clark: Not sure what to make of him. A 6th in NHL scoring is nice though.
Fran Huck: Really tough to judge. If he was soviet and had those kinds of scoring stats in the worlds and Olympics those years, he'd be taken. But not a great north american player.
Jackie McLeod: Pretty much Fran Huck, pre-expansion. Tough to judge.
Dave Ritchie: Just not sure what he did, aside from that one good offensive season.
Michel Dion: Nothing special, 5 pts below average in his career. but did make an ASG and the AHL time is a plus

D: Not sure what the appeal is

Bill Cleary: Just 22 international games at a time when competition was low. Not sure I can get behind this one.
Chad Larose, Kevyn Adams, Craig Adams: I'm not sure any were above average at what they did. There might be value in taking them as a unit.
Denis Dupere: The ASG doesn't redeem what appears to be a really mediocre 1970s career spent on bad teams.
Max Kaminsky: Just 3 NHL seasons for bad teams?
Magnus Johansson: Why no NHL time?
Mikhail Tatarinov: If it wasn't for the mystique of being a soviet just hitting his stride around 1990, with how fast he fell off I don't think we would even think he was as good as Bryan Fogarty.
John Garrett: He may have been a WHA all-star, but he was just awful in the NHL.
Mikko Makela: Soft, and didn't post good enough NHL numbers for long enough to merit consideration.
Alexandre Daigle: His offense is merely "good" for a player available right now, and if his next-best quality is how he looks in a nurse's uniform.... ugh.
Donald Brashear: Simply not a good hockey player.
Pat Falloon: Just no.
Len Lunde: just didn't last long enough in the NHL, when it was perhaps the easiest to.
Brownie Baker: You gotta show me more than this.
Jere Karalahti: Was a fringe NHL defenseman, #6 on non-playoff teams.
Paul Bibeault: Meh.... wartime goalie.

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