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Originally Posted by johnjm22 View Post
Highly doubt that.

There's a high possibility that Dean would have called up King, Nolan etcetera over Bud. That's Holloway left. He didn't think Lombardi would give him a chance even if he was outplaying his colleagues.
Lombardi clearly stated when Holloway left that he was next on the depth chart. And when Williams went down hurt last year, if it had been more long term Holloway was getting the call up.

Originally Posted by johnjm22 View Post
Bud was in his 3rd pro season. This year is his 4th.

If you're clearly out performing your co-workers, and those co-works continually get promotions over you, wouldn't you look for opportunities elsewhere?

Holloway didn't "cry," he handled himself with class and made a professional career decision; a decision that has pro and cons like all others. The situation of the other players you mentioned isn't comparable, and if you can't see why, then you're not getting my point.
because he only played 38 games his first professional season, this would be his 3rd full season with the team, and only his 2nd last year.

And I am sorry how is not calling your GM until you are already on a plane to Sweden, not answering his phone calls, and then having your agent call and say "Bud went to Sweden" handling it with class? and Professionalism?

And for the record he was the leading scorer on the Monarchs with 47 points, in 75 games. That's not exactly a huge number. Elkins trailed him by 4 points.

You make it seem like he was putting up 90 points and not getting a call up.

In fact Scott Parse and Loktionov were on a much better scoring pace. And go figure they got called up. But I bet you think that was unfair right? Cause Holloway was head and shoulder above everyone else on the team.

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