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02-11-2012, 01:51 AM
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Originally Posted by Daz28 View Post
Perry's attempt was garbage, too. If all you're going to do is go in slow at a crap angle, and shoot it, then let someone else try.

The PP entry is trash, especially when Getz or Fowler are handling the puck. Soooo BB, let Vis carry it, duh!

My lawyer brain got to thinking about the OT 5 on 3 situation. What's to keep you from cheating at that point. If there's only 10 seconds left, then crosscheck the hell out of your man away from the puck. Then when you touch it up, they'll have to face it off again, which leaves no time. You can cheat continuously with no consequence(ie you will have 3 left the rest of the game no matter how many in the box. Heck, you could have 15 guys in there)

Passing game is bad to awful at times. They pass into space hoping their cycle guy gets there first. You're not going to beat a team like DET in a 7 game series with a luck based passing game. Hot potatoes are for steak dinners.

God I hate DET, and now their "OT based winning streak" gives them even more fuel for the fire. Like half the games were won in shootouts, which didn't exist that long ago. A large contingent of their fan base can't/doesn't understand this though. Sigh

It seems Bobby Ryan is sick of being shuffled like a playing card, and it shows in his effort. This team is going to live or die by RPG this season, so just freaking play them. There's no way we win a cup with Beleskey or Blake on the 1st line. I was ok with BB line juggling at first, but he's gotta chill on it. He's breaking up good lines for no reason(and promoting guys for no reason) at this point, ala Lindy Ruff. RPG, HKS, BBC, BPP. A little shuffling at times for a spark fine, but not constantly with no point. Sorry for wall of text, but this loss annoyed me.
You have to get control to get a whistle, you don't want to lose one of your best 3 guys on the 5v3PK, and most importantly while you have a player whacking away away from the play its become a 4v2. They play an area defense not a man to man defense on a 5v3.

Also, Ryan has sorta played himself off the top line. His only success has been on breakaways. There was no line juggling until the offense disappeared.

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