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02-11-2012, 06:16 AM
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Couple of points:

1- You take the highest return regardless of the conference. If you have two offers very close then it might be better to move the player outside your own conference.

2- It's very rare that you will see an " in division-conference " trade between two competitive teams. Most of the time, the teams who are involved are in a different stage of their " development " read a contender trading with a team who rebuild.

3- Thornton? I'm not how sure how a trade to Ottawa or a Canadian team would have help him or hurt the Bruins. Canadian fans are very rabid one and Thornton would have took a lot of heat for not performing. No way the Bruins would have moved an " impact " player to Montreal. Too much history/rivalry between both club. You have to remember that, a few years ago, the Bruins had to deal McLaren to SJ in order to acquire Jeff Hackett so... It tell you how a high profile trade,between the two clubs, is very unlikely

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