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Originally Posted by palindrom View Post
We often hear that Teams avoid to trade inside the division. I just dont think its the right strategy.

So here is three questions:

Going back to the past, should Boston accept a lower offer for Kessel to send him outside the division, so Boston doesnt have to face Kessel 6 times per year. Do you mind facing Kessel six times per year?

Going back into the past, would you mind to get a better offer for Thorthon but sending him to Ottawa or Montreal instead of San Jose?

Does it worth it to refuse the best offer for a player and accept a (slightly) lesser offer to avoid a trade inside the division?
I could care less about facing Kessel 6 times a year. Ya think that the Leafs fans/media will be too anxious to face the Bruins 6 times a year with Segs/Hamilton/Knight in the lineup potentially in a few short years??

With trades, there is always a risk, even with players that are known commoditites, it guarantees nothing in the way of success. Some players, although from a fan stand point seem to be natural fits, just don`t fit in, we`ve seen blockbusters for rentals (less so these days) blow up in teams faces, and we`ve seen smaller moves (let`s use Kelly/Pevs) for example as being more successful than imagined.

I don`t care about trading inside a conference/division, it all depends on the context, by not trading within the conference/division, a GM essentially is closing himself off to being able to aquire conceivably alot of solid players from 14 teams, not good business practice IMO.

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