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Originally Posted by ODAAT View Post
I could care less about facing Kessel 6 times a year. Ya think that the Leafs fans/media will be too anxious to face the Bruins 6 times a year with Segs/Hamilton/Knight in the lineup potentially in a few short years??

With trades, there is always a risk, even with players that are known commoditites, it guarantees nothing in the way of success. Some players, although from a fan stand point seem to be natural fits, just don`t fit in, we`ve seen blockbusters for rentals (less so these days) blow up in teams faces, and we`ve seen smaller moves (let`s use Kelly/Pevs) for example as being more successful than imagined.

I don`t care about trading inside a conference/division, it all depends on the context, by not trading within the conference/division, a GM essentially is closing himself off to being able to aquire conceivably alot of solid players from 14 teams, not good business practice IMO.
Yep and i think Burke was overrating the Leafs when he traded for Kessel. His team was not close to contend so the timing, for making that deal, wasn't " right ". I'm a big fan of making a trade, even if it cost a premium, when the player you acquire can make the difference and put you over the top. Wasn't the case with the Leafs, IMHO. This trade doesn't look that " bad " on Burke if you look at the stats sheet but the development of Seguin and maybe Hamilton will give the Bruins an edge that i'm sure, Burke didn't want to give them. That said, there's always a risk when prospects/draft picks are involved so i think the " luck " factor was also in play, here. It's a win/win trade but, in the end, the Bruins might end up with the better return. As the old adage says: you have to wait a certain amount of time before judging a trade...

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