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02-11-2012, 06:51 AM
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Originally Posted by Latrappe View Post
Yep and i think Burke was overrating the Leafs when he traded for Kessel. His team was not close to contend so the timing of the deal wasn't " right ". I'm a big fan of making a trade, even if it cost a premium, when the player you acquire can make the difference and put you over the top. Wasn't the case with the Leafs, IMHO. This trade doesn't look that " bad " on Burke if you look at the stats sheet but the development of Seguin and maybe Hamilton will give the Bruins an edge that i'm sure, Burke didn't want to give them. That said, there's always a risk when prospects/draft picks are involved so i think the " luck " factor was also in play, here.
Absolutely agree Trapper, if I recall, he (Burke) signed Komisarek and I think Finger, then proclaimed his team to be a playoff bound team?? I think most of us would agree, and I think Chia anticipated the Leafs to be on the outside looking in come playoff time and that pick would be top 10, EVERYTHING that could go wrong did go wrong for the Leafs that year and the gift of Segs/then Knight fell right into the teams hands, then Hamilton slipping to 9th spot and I needed to pinch myself......ouch

On paper, Kessel has done exactly what Burke wanted and needed him to do, they could care less if Phil plays 3 zone hockey (which ultimately will bite them in the arse if they ever do make the playoffs), all they wanted was a winger who could pop 30 goals or more and they got it.

We`ll see I guess, but I tell ya one thing, as year 2 of the Seguin has shown us, the Bruins have a kid who from all accounts, works hard, is coacheable and pushes himself to be the best, sure, he sleeps in from time to time but that seems to be an issue of the past and hardly the first time a young kid has done this.

I have a buddy who`s a massive Hawks fan, says Kane was a regular absentee in year one only the Hawks turned the other cheek constantly.

Knight could be the huge salt in the wounds of this trade believe it or not, from all accounts when Burke was shipping Kaberle, it was reported that it was Knight he most coveted over Colborne.

Either way, as you stated, ya never know with prospects, not inconceivable we could be watching a game from the ACC/TD where Hamilton feeds an outlet pass to Segs who puts in on the tape of Knight who skates right through the "check" of Kessel in the neutral zone and roofs it Burke`s face will be even more red then

Have a good one Trapper

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