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02-11-2012, 09:25 AM
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I watched about 17 min of the Ronning video. Thanks for adding that Western.

- Perimeter player, not uncommon for smaller players
- Several drive by's the puck carrying player from other team; Without even getting a piece of the player or puck... I've seen several small players be effective at that
- Giveaway at defensive blue line
- Gets bumped off puck easy
- Out of position on wing, they had him on both wings and at centre... Give him a home
- Out of position on PK, down below hash marks in slot as a frwd (?)
- Forced puck during PP
- Not alot of gumption on the back check but doesn't have to be when they play a one and sometimes TWO wing high system
- Got caught by back pressure in NZ... Possibly near end of shift though (?)

Flip side

- Always moving and engaged
- Finds the quiet zones well
- Good shot, quick release
- Set up nice goal on PP with a saucer; smart

Just my observations folks, on a partial clip of one game. He can have all the training he wants but so do about a 100 other kids just in BC. Never mind Alta, SK, Man. The other team started well positionally then seemed to fall apart. I know nothing about them though but look out of condition.

Pretty easy to be a decent to above average team when you play a two wing high system religiously the whole game. Gives your D men time/space, stretches out their D and viola it's back in the opposition end. Also promotes lazy back checking. One other subtle note that I see, and I see it alot. If you're last 5 strides of your shift is of you sauntering to the box for a line change, that's what I'm going to remember. Personal pet peeve.

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