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02-11-2012, 10:46 AM
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Originally Posted by Devil Dancer View Post
I have zero interest in the ME3 demo. I want to go in knowing as little about it as possible.

Right now I'm going through the DLC with my "true" Shepard in preparation for ME3. Mordin, Tali and half the crew, including Chambers, died, but this is the Shepard I connected with, so I'm sticking with her. Plus I got Morinth on this playthrough, and I hate Samara.

Also, the DLC (other than Shadow Broker) sucks.

Haven't done any of the DLC, i've just beaten the games... don't do many side missions or things like that, although i will on my 2nd playthrough. I know i've missed out on a lot of what makes the game so good.

Demo doesn't spoil much, the 2 levels have already been shown (although if you haven't seen them yet to keep yourself on a blackout, that makes sense)

I didn't have anyone die on the Suicide mission, although my friend did tell me what i needed to upgrade, and then i made the right choices on my own about assignments.

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