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11-10-2003, 04:49 PM
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For the person asking about Conklin, he seemed to be having trouble handling routine shots at times, but otherwise seemed ok. He made some decent stops, and the mishandling could be due to the poor ice as well. Obviously far too early to tell if he can handle starting duties, but he overhandles the puck a bit on dump-ins? I noticed it a few times especially during the second half of the 2nd period and throughout the 3rd.

Laraque sat again, and while I think he is often ineffective if he isn't able to fight, I'd be willing to bet that the cheapshot cracks by Simon wouldn't have been so prevalent if he was in. Granted, I have never liked Simon, especially after the racist remarks he made to Grier when he was with Washington. Classless, and clueless, considering he himself has Native Indian blood. I digress however... Laraque is still a serious deterrent. MacT might have sat him though, so that he could put him in for the Boston game tomorrow (that Thornton/Knuble/Murray line is absolutely huge).

We seemed to be getting pushed off the puck alot in the 3rd. I see why Lowe would prefer a few more bigger bodies to negate the advantage. Sarno didn't play at all in the 3rd, did he? Or at least I didn't see him at all. He was on the bench too, not in the dressing room.

Last but not least, good for Dvorak getting his first. It was reported that his mother-in-law passed away a couple of days ago, so that might explain his weaker showing the last game or two.

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