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11-10-2003, 05:57 PM
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Originally Posted by Volchenkov
With Iginla you have a player who will score 40 goals a year easily. Gagne is a 30 goal scorer.
I disagree.. how is Iginla a player who will score 40 goals a year "easily" ? He certainly has the potential to score 40 goals/year but he didn't last year (granted he was injured) and he definitely isn't on pace to crack the 40 mark this year! Gagne was a 30 goal scorer his third year into the league.. he hasn't played a complete season since that year. He is still only 23 years old.. I definitely wouldn't classify him as a "30 goal scorer" at this point in his career. It took Iginla 5 seasons to crack 30 goals.. when he reached that point, we all didn't stop and say "Iggy is just a 30 goal scorer". Iginla is the more valuable player at this point in time but I don't think it's nearly as cut and dry as some people claim.. the only reason the Flames might turn down an offer like Gagne, Williams and Pitkanen (I personally don't believe this offer was ever on the table) is because Iggy is the only reason why fans come to games in Calgary.

Originally Posted by Volchenkov
People around here tend to overrate the value of prospects - Rotislav Klesla still hasn't done anything and he was just as highly touted as Pitkanen.
Granted Klesla hasn't done anything in the NHL yet but his value immediately upon being drafted 4th overall was likely higher than it is now. People do overrate the value of prospects but a guy like Pitkanen was labeled close to can't miss.. his value was very high and many GM's across the league (including K-Lowe) were drooling over him.

Originally Posted by Volchenkov
Justin Williams is OK - but he's mainly a throw in.
Williams is only a throw in? Wow, I wish the Oilers could make a deal for Gagne and Clarke would be obliged to "throw in" Williams. Justin Williams is only 21 years old and is a former first round pick. He's had two very solid seasons in the NHL for a player his age and his value is/was substantially higher than a "throw in" .. Scott Ferguson or Shean Donovan are throw ins, not Just Williams..

Originally Posted by billsandsabres
calgary doesn't want to pay drury, but they will pay comrie?
Calgary couldn't afford to pay Drury and Iginla.. on the other hand, Comrie and his agent just made the claim that he'll play for less than $1.13 million (the Oilers qualifying offer). This is an amount that the Flames could definitely afford to add to their payroll..

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