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Originally Posted by My Cat View Post
Getzlaf hasn't produced for crap this season but I don't agree that there's a lack of effort. I actually think that - aside from his brief playoff bursts - his effort level this season is the highest its ever been. But, he's never been a good defender and effort alone won't cure poor instincts or decision-making.

He's an adequate defensive center when he's producing. He seems to have lost something this season.

He used to be dominant because he PLAYED like he knew how good he was. I've played with all kinds of players like Getzlaf, and they're on their best game when they're playing cocky hockey. That's totally absent this year. He's unsure of the decisions he's making and he's messing up as a result. Put a layer of frustration on top of that and you've got some serious snakebite. Same thing has happened to Ovechkin in Washington.

EDIT: To all of you who think 90 points is enough, think again. The last time the 8th seed was given to a 90 point team was in 2001. 11 years ago. Since then 91 has been the number twice. Other than that it's been 94 or higher. I wouldn't assume that just cause the 8th place team is on pace for a certain number, that will be the number come game 82. Even if 89 was a playoff number (going off Phoenix's pace, though if Dallas wins tonight the playoff pace becomes 91) we'd still have to go 18-8-3 or 19-9-1. We can say "8 points out" all we want but no one is going to sit there and wait for us to get there. And we can hit #8. Then we'd have to defend it. And at most, we can't afford to give up 9 losses. Even OTL's hurt. Because for every two OTL's it amounts to one win and one loss. So last night wasn't a good result. In a different situation you could say at least we got a point, that might help later, but we can't afford ANY points to slip away.

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