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Originally Posted by Ohashi_Jouzu View Post
First of all, I don't even think it's possible to connect a single roster move with a specific number of points (if any) in the standings.

Why would a team pay a fortune to acquire any player at the deadline if there are no expected positive correlation between acquiring the player and the number of points in the standing? If a team acquire a player to help them make the playoff, its because they expect this player will make a difference in the final number of point in the standing.

There is definitely a correlation between upgrading/downgrading a lineup and the number of point in the final standing.

Of course its not possible to figure out the exact impact in in term of number of point and the expected result doesnt always meet the final result. But its possible to make an approximation of the expected range of point.

We could use stats covering every deadline trade in history. And see the general impact in term of points before and after the trade on buyer/seller team. We can also categorize them according to the kind of player that was traded.

In that case, i believe the positive impact to have Rivet over Gorges/Niinimaa was at least one point in the standing. SJ surely believed so and that's why they was ready to give us Gorges + a 1st for Rivet.

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