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01-14-2006, 03:29 PM
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Originally Posted by erin07
maybe after a couple of losses hitch will realize that its the new nhl and you cant have the zeus line trying to shut down other lines it doesnt work.i think we have gotten lucky in the 1 goal games and just now is it starting to show how bad defensivly we are.and i dont think i have seen so many bad shot selections and just shooting for the sake of shooting .

No, I'm going to tell every exactly what the problem is and it happens this time every year.

Every year Comcast puts the Flyers and Sixers on a huge disadvantage because they have to have god damn Disney on Ice over the holidays instead of putting out something that will actually make the business some money. They would get huge amounts of revenue because they would be guarenteed to sell out every game with people coming home for the holidays and such and college kids home from school. Instead they put out this junk over the holidays, send out their 2 teams for an insane road trip like it's the Olympics in Philly every season that they need to get rid of their teams for 2-3 weeks.

So what's the result?

The Flyers and Sixers come home and play like crap because they are so beat **** that they have nothing in the tank. I wouldn't be suprised if over the rest of the month we win no more than 4 games. They play every other night now until the end of the season, this is when we should have gotten that bye week instead of 4 games into the season

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