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02-11-2012, 05:45 PM
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Originally Posted by BaseballCoach View Post
I guess this means you are against re-signing Moen, too?

Personally, I thought he was overpaid the last two seasons, but with salary inflation, I would re-sign him today if he would go for the same price. But will he? Or will someone pay significantly more for him for the next few years?
No, I think I've said in numerous threads that my preference had been to re-sign Moen too, just as you have. Pretty much the same opinion of him as you... first couple years I'm not sure he was worth the premium. This year he has been. And since it's his best year, conveniently at UFA time, and since we can use his size and bottom-6 reliability I wouldn't object to a small raise. $1.75M/yr for 3 has been my standard offer. But that was like a month ago. And as we get closer to the deadline, I'm more resigned to the fact that (for whatever reason - Moen or the team not being interested in negotiating) there isn't going to be a new contract before the deadline. I wouldn't wait on the chance of signing him before July 1st if there is a 2nd rounder or better on the trade market. (Same time, Moen hasn't been quite as good lately as he was earlier in the season either).

I, too, am ok with trading Gill and Campoli, and Moen as well if the team has decided not to re-sign him. I would try hard to re-sign AK46, even taking the chance to go into the off-season with it, given his recent remarks about wanting to stay for a reasonable price.
I'm for waiting on AK too. It would be preferable to try to do something with a new contract now, however, and if the team isn't trying, I don't understand why not. I think AK can get hot and play a much bigger role in helping our team go on a mini-run towards making the playoffs than Moen or Gill could too. That's worth the risk of waiting to try to re-sign him after the deadline and before July 1st.
I think trading Cammalleri was a mistake, by the way. At only 29 and with his ability to score goals, I would not have panicked and traded him.
I dunno on that one anymore. I was marginally against the trade, but Cammalleri still seems to be sucking, and I don't want to be stuck in another Gomez situation, if it comes to that. I'm now of the opinion that it will depend on how the team uses its cap savings. If the $3M saved seems to be invested intelligently in the summer towards making the team better, and if Bourque manages to basically come within some arguable stretch of being as good as Cammalleri is (present tenses), then it will be a good trade. (Of course, it will probably be hard to separate out exactly where that $3M goes, but we'll try, we always do! ).

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