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02-11-2012, 04:56 PM
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Originally Posted by palindrom View Post
Because they believe the future asset they get for this player worth more than the impact of this player for the present season.
This is still a question of opinion and it is the topic of the thread.

Its all about the expected odds.

Who is to say a lottery ticket is not the winner one?

Its going by that logic that millions of people lost money every wear in the lottery and Casino.

Considering that Niinimaa never played in the NHL again and Gorges was still an inexperimented defenseman who didnt see a lot of ice time with the Canadiens that season. The expected odds at the time was that Rivet had a more positive impact on a team than Gorges or Niinimaa.

The make it an extreme example: The expected odds are that a team will do better in the ranking with a Malkin than a Enquvist, but who is to say Enqvist wont put more point than Malkin until the end the season and lead the Canadien to the cup?

I believe that Malkin have a greater impact than Enqvist, but thats all there is, no data, no facts, just believeing.
Thats the odds... but everyone who watched the game know Rivet was god damn bad that year.

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